We want revival, but we don’t want to turn from our wicked ways. We want America rescued, but we don’t want the Rescuer. We want to be saved, but we don’t want the Savior.

America doesn’t need to be made great again; it needs to be holy and righteous. We can’t have freedom without forgiveness. We don’t need the government’s help; we need God’s healing.

How can we be revived as a nation, rescued from evil, saved from our current situation, righteous as a nation, forgiven and healed by God?

God has to hear from us…

The Hebrew for “hear” in 2 Chronicles 7:14 is shama and in this context it means to not only hear our request, but to also grant it.

However, as we’ve seen earlier, our cry to God must be with authenticity and humility. Christians must realize for revival to truly sweep our land then it will take more than just the latest Bible study.

It will take more than just prayer groups sounding more like sickness reports than true desire for revival. In the timeless words of 20th Century evangelist Leonard Ravenhill, it takes prayer:

Satan would have us increase even in Bible knowledge, I believe, as long as we keep from prayer, which is the exercise of the instruction we have received through the Word. What use is deeper knowledge if we have shallower hearts? What use is greater standing with men if we have less standing with God? What use is personal physical hygiene if we have filthiness of the mind and of the spirit? What use is religious piety if we have soul carnality? Why strut with physical strength if we have spiritual weakness? Of what use is worldly wealth if we have spiritual poverty? Who can take comfort in social popularity if he is unknown in hell? Prayer takes care of all these spiritual maladjustments.”

“Prayer takes care of all these spiritual maladjustments…” Ravenhill wrote those word 60 years ago. He could’ve written 60 minutes ago. Random House Dictionary defines maladjustment as a “bad or unsatisfactory adjustment.”

The church has tried to make adjustments in the last 180 years that have brought religious movements such as the social justice movement seen in the Third Great Awakening and the denominational schisms in what some describe as the Fourth Great Awakening. There was very little great in those two movements, at least to the degree in which we seek revival today.

Dear Christian, do not despair of the time in which we find ourselves. I agree with my pastor, Dr. Dennis Brunet, that we are living in the defining moment as Christians in our lifetimes. Never has the opportunity for sharing the gospel been greater or more needed.

The majority of Christians have either never witnessed to someone or rarely do. To save time to help you get over your fear of witnessing and to prepare yourself to witness, I’m posting two links below you can use if you truly want revival to come to America. Of course it’s not an exhaustive list, but I’ve used both personally and I pray they are beneficial to you.

This is our moment. This opportunity through circumstances in our nation has presented itself for us to be the ones who will humble ourselves, pray and seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways.

God’s Word promises us that if we will do this wholeheartedly, then God will hear us from heaven, He will forgive our sins, and maybe even…heal America.

This Reckoning upon us can be the true Revival we say we want.

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