Here’s where we’re at, at least from the perspective of this old 22 year Army First Sergeant and Gold Star Dad. 

Terrorists only know death. They recognize it. They perpetrate it. The type we have in America fear it. They are not Islamist terrorists who are willing to die for a satanic religion. These terrorists are spoiled children hiding behind their masks, bats, and metal pipes.

But they screwed up. They pretended to be, because in their sophomoric minds imagine themselves, tough guys. They’re not and if the 101st or 82nd Airborne Divisions are mobilized under the Insurrection Act to quell these domestic terrorists, they’re going to understand the totality of their reckless choices.

Trump identifying them as domestic terrorists, ANTIFA that is, should be a warning shot across their bow.

Our active duty military have been fighting real terrorists for nearly 20 years. As my late son, Army Infantry Sergeant Eddie Jeffers once told me, “Dad, this kind of evil can only be killed.” He was talking about Islamic terrorists.

That is how our combat soldiers will deal with this insurrection should they be ordered to. If faced with life-threatening violence, they will react with swift, lethal force.

No shield, no batons, no pepper spray, no tear gas.

5.56mm rounds, multiple ones aimed with deadly accuracy. As we say in the Army, “One shot, one kill.”

I am not advocating this. I am praying for revival. But my nearly 40 years of being in and now training the military, this is what I see on the horizon.

No one will cheer in the end. There will be too much bloodshed. America rightly doesn’t have the stomach for what may be before us. This is not who we were. Unfortunately, it may be who we are now. Without divine intervention I fear we have gone a bridge too far.

Pray. Like. Never. Before. We cannot fix this. No matter how man resolves it, there will be more bloodshed.

Whenever I’m fearful, I go to my Savior. Jesus doesn’t feed my fears; He grows my faith. That is in Whom I am placing my faith. Not man, although I am praying for all mankind to calm down.

When I look to God’s Word for an answer to this unparalleled time, here’s what I find:

“But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'” (Matthew 19:26)