Recently I had the great pleasure of visiting Dr. James Dobson and his top-notch professional staff at the James Dobson Family Institute (JDFI). Dr. Dobson is blessed to have Brian, Mike, Matt, Kyle, and all the others who make his radio show Family Talk such a great program.

From the travel and lodging arrangements, the hospitality, and the magnificent time of fellowship we all had while taping an upcoming episode, Dr. Dobson is supported by a group of strong Christians who clearly love the Lord and their work. 

Dr. Dobson invited me to appear on his show to discuss my latest book, Man Up! What the Bible Says About Being A Man, and the important subject of biblical masculinity. It is important because biblical manliness is openly attacked and mocked in American society. 

Prior to going into the studio, Brian McNulty, the VP of Broadcast and Media Services, took me to Dr. Dobson’s office. We discussed how we first became “internet friends” and then talked about what we would cover on the show. 

After about ten minutes, we walked into the studio to begin taping the show. Dr. Dobson clearly laid in his opening remarks how godly men are under attack in this culture. We discussed this issue for nearly 45 minutes. Now the actual upcoming episode will not be that long, however our discussion galvanized what I have written in my book. 

Dr. Dobson’s interviewing skills are legendary and he really pulled things out of me that are very dear to my heart, especially the reconciliation with my late father. We discussed my 22-year journey of discovering what the Bible teaches on godly manhood. We also touched on my son Eddie being killed in Iraq and the relationship between my son and me. He genuinely thanked me for my personal sacrifice in the defense of our nation. 

We wrapped the interview and Korey Hehn, the Broadcast Relations Coordinator, took a picture of Dr. Dobson and me. We shook hands, he thanked me for coming out to do the show and then said, “God bless you brother. You are my friend.” To hear that from a man who has ministered to my life during my journey with the Lord, I am truly a blessed man. 

After the interview, Matt Pickett (who professionally handled all my travel and lodging needs) whisked me off to the airport to catch my plane. Even the ride to the airport was a great time of fellowship, as Matt and I talked about teaching the Bible and life in general. 

When I got home and shared this with my wife Karen, it was hard to put into words all that had happened. She wondered if surreal was the right word, and I said not really. When she and I met with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, now that was surreal! 

From the months of planning, to the actual arrival at JDFI, lunch with Brian and Mike Segovia (who are my kindred spirits), and my time with Dr. Dobson, it was simply sweet fellowship. 

Sweet fellowship with not only with my friend Dr. Dobson, but also all my new friends at JDFI who support this great man’s ministry. 

Stay tuned for a post about when the show will be broadcast.