It would help if I explain how I came to reconcile with my Dad. I recommitted my life to Christ on October 20, 1996. I was facing a divorce from my first wife and I was clueless on how to be a man.

With that realization, I asked God to show me how to be a man. As always, God was faithful to show me the way. However, unlike Dr. Leo Marvin with Bob Wiley in the clip above, God was not going to have me take baby steps, to set “reasonable goals.” God helped me understand that I needed to forgive, and if possible, reconcile with my Dad.

Although I would have picked a different location, I agreed to meet my Dad at his local pub. I guess he needed a little liquid courage to face me. I was partly responsible for his trepidation because of my 20 years of anger directed towards him.

When I walked in and saw my Dad, I immediately knew in my spirit meeting him was the right thing to do. My heart longed for it! I hugged him and told him I loved him.

He ordered me a soft drink and the conversation eventually went to his regret for abandoning us. I told him that I forgave him and that I wanted to move on from the past. He said he had wanted that for years.

We went to his house where my oldest sister Kathy and her family had moved in with Dad. Being the oldest and having never rejected Dad, Kathy had maintained the closest relationship with him.

As my memory serves, my sister provided a tremendous meal and we all had a nice time of fellowship. My Dad invited me to his bedroom where we could sit and talk.

Soon I would learn my greatest lesson on compassion and mercy.

More on that next time…