Last Thursday I was driving to the dealership to drop my car off for maintenance. My wife was following in her car. I had K-LOVE on and the morning jockeys were talking about how the majority of men do not notice if their wives are wearing makeup or not.

The study they also quoted said most men don’t notice if their wives have their hair done or get new clothes. The male DJ said he doesn’t notice because it doesn’t matter.

Brother, it does matter…to your wife. Gentlemen, if you fall into the category of not noticing your wives, you need a new category.

The category of noticing your wife. She is your bride. It should matter when she goes out of her way to make herself beautiful. The female DJ said she probably does put on her makeup and “gets dolled up” as much for her as it is for her husband. She also said she wants to look beautiful for her husband.

Brothers, notice the efforts your wives are making for you!

One hint: don’t say you look beautiful today/tonight. Try, “Darling, you’re beautiful.” The former might require an explanation. The latter should invoke gratitude and maybe even a kiss.